TEAM RESULTS – Pelican Swim Meet Jan 2019

As a Coach, I love Race Statistics. They reveal what’s really happening behind the scenes at training.

Congrats to my team of USA Spartan Flinders Aquatic Academy Dolphin athletes that stepped up to my challenge and trusted the process at the Pelican Swim Meet yesterday, and raced it as a “Train Through” meet.

My team of 11 age group Dolphin Athletes raced 6800m in total as a team. Many of these athletes have never raced further than 200m to 400m at a local meet before.

The goal of this target meet was not Personal Best Times. I made that very clear leading up to the meet. The goal was to win your starts, perform fast turns, perfect your finishes, and pace your races properly… From my professional observation as a coach, I think it’s fair to say we achieved that goal.

Outside of racing 6800m in total as a team – we still achieved the following result with 11 age group athletes:

– 8 Gold Medals
– 7 Silver Medals
– 5 Bronze Medals
– 1 National Qualifying Time achieved, Sarah Wallace
– 2 Multi-Class athletes racing in able body heats
.. And many of our Dolphin athletes finishing in the top 1-3 for their respective age in the Open (11yrs to 99yrs) 200m Freestyle and Formstroke Races.

The Medalists from Flinders Aquatic Academy athletes (in alphabetical order from Meet Mobile) included:
– Reegan Jason (1 Bronze)
– Jayda Lowe (2 Gold)
– Nathan Maxwell (2 Silver, and 2 Bronze)
– Jamie Plowman (3 Gold, and 1 Silver)
– Daisy Quinn (1 Gold)
– Brodie Roberts (1 Silver, and 1 Bronze)
– Sarah Wallace (1 Silver)
– Lia-Belle Wiese (2 Gold, 3 Silver, and 1 Bronze)

This was achieved with no race prep, and no rest up. Many of our athletes were coming off the end of a 2 week training cycle that included new ways of training and additional swim clinic classes.

Can’t wait until we unleash this team at a Race Prep Meet. #winning#swimming #team


Coach Cameron – Head Age Group Coach of Dolphins Team