Squad Swimming Update – November 2018

SQUAD Survey Results are in – and we are listening!

Thank you to all of our valued customers, who took 5-minutes to complete our recent Customer Feedback Survey.

The results are in from the SQUAD Parents and we’ve listened!


Squad Swimming Update

We are currently implementing various Squad Swimming Updates over the next two weeks that will see positive improvements in the way we deliver Squad Training across ALL levels.

These IMPROVED changes include:

  • Re-engaging Coach Cameron to actively coach the Dolphins Squad athletes with Coach Rod across the morning sessions, and to oversee the Gold/Silver Morning Sessions with Coach Aaron.
  • While swimmer technique and skills is always our #1 Primary Focus for age group swimming, you will see a more disciplined approach to training for those in the Dolphins Squad. This will mean that athletes in this group will be expected to complete the full program set by the coach each morning, and not consistently miss laps or stand around while the rest of the team is training.
  • More selective planning of Target Meets for Competitive Swimmers to cover local meets and various swim meets at Brisbane and/or the Gold Coast leading up to State Age or National Age Championships.
  • Additional Coaching Staff to assist with Coaches Rod and Aaron on various afternoon Squad Sessions across the Penguins, Gold/Silver and Dolphins groups.
  • A new Swimming Technique 8 Week Framework for the Penguins, Silver and Gold Squads. This will mean these Squad Levels will now have the opportunity to work more consistently with one set of Progression Drills before moving on to the next Framework. This will lead to technique improvements and increased swimming skills.
  • A new SKILLS Stroke Improvement Program that will run over the school holidays.
  • Further build up of our Race Nights, which are open to all Squad Members of Flinders Aquatic Academy.
  • And more to come…

Squad Swimming Update

These positive changes will ensure that we continue to develop our squad students and athletes to their fullest potential.

Lastly, if you haven’t had a chance to get to know the recent addition to our Coaching Staff, “Coach Aaron” – you can read his Welcome Letter he has written to introduce himself to our parents and swimmers on our “Meet Coach Aaron” website page!

Click here to read Aaron’s welcome letter

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