Think of our "Refer A Friend" program as our way of saying thanks for spreading the word about Flinders Aquatic Academy...

Simply nominate a friend or family member below that is not a current or previous client of Flinders Aquatic Academy.

We will then reach out to them and introduce our Swimming Lessons and Squad Programs to them.

Then when your family members or friends become paying clients of Flinders Aquatic Academy - you'll get a $16.50 Lesson Credit added onto your account which you can apply to your next term of lessons or squad payments.

This is our way of saying "Thank you" for introducing your family and friends to Flinders Aquatic Centre.

The more people you refer - the more credits you get...

Refer 2 people and get $33.00 credited to your account

Refer 3 people and get $49.50 credited to your account

Refer 4 people and get $66.00 credited to your account

Refer as many friends and family members that you want!

This is your opportunity to get a TERM of Swimming for FREE... simply by referring more people to Flinders Aquatic Academy.

Complete your details below and nominate your friends and family members now!

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