Buderim Swim Squad at Championships

Buderim Swim Squad takes aim at Wide Bay Championships

This weekend will see 15 swimmers from Flinders Aquatic Academy Swim Team compete at the Wide Bay Winter Championships as USC Spartans.

We would like to wish the following swimmers all the best of luck at this 2-Day championship meet:

Female Swimmers

– Evie Herlihy (Female 12 years)

– Zoe Herlihy (Female 10 years)

– Anais Jones (Female 11 years)

– Jayda Lowe (Female 14 years)

– Madelaine Mckinley (Female 13 years)

– Kaitlyn Panoho (Female 13 years)

– Imogen Plowman (Female 11 years)

– Jaime Plowman (Female 10 years)

– Daisy Quinn (Female 11 years)

– Lily Smith (Female 12 years)

– Sarah Wallace (Female 15 years)

– Lia Wallace (Female 13 years)

Male Swimmers

– Nathan Maxwell (Male 14 years)

– Lachlan Roberts (Male 13 years)

– Brodie Roberts (Male 11 years)

Buderim Swim Squad

General meet notes for Swimmers and Parents attending this meet:

Can all the swimmers above, please be advised that Warm Up on Saturday is now 7.45am, with the commencement of the meet 9AM sharp.

Sunday’s warm up start time is unchanged, remaining at 7.30am for an 8.30am competition start.

As this is a team meet, Coach Rod will be available for warm-up on both days.

Noosa Aquatic Centre Gate entry on both days will be from 7.15am, No Earlier – $3 per adult and non swimmers 8yrs and over each day.

Both 25m and 50m pools will be available for the Flinders Aquatic Academy’s Buderim Swim Squad, warm up prior to Saturday and Sunday’s commencement time 50m pool will have 3 lanes available for warm up/warm down across the weekend.

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Our young athletes have been training hard under the guidance of our experienced squad coaches and we look forward to hearing about all the personal best times achieved and medals won!

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Buderim Swim Squad